Best Chicory Coffee, What you Should Know..


Chicory is a root vegetable that is popularly used the world over as a coffee replacement or as a way to blend in with coffee. You can use chicory as the best chicory coffee. If you are not familiar with its use and uses, read on to find what it is and how you can incorporate it into your everyday.

What is chicory?

Chicory is a plant that is found in abundance in mainland Europe, it has now spread to North America and is grown in many places here in the states. It is a woody herb and has a root that is somewhat similar to horseradish in appearance. The plant is of the dandelion family and its leaves are popularly used in salads all over the world. People have been drinking brewed chicory for many hundreds of years and it is part of many traditional European medicine concoctions. It is still being studied for its medicinal uses.  It is also used as the best chicory coffee.

Drinking best chicory coffee

Drinking best Chicory coffee as a habit seems to have originated in France. The continental blockade imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte left most of the trade routes through central Europe all the way to the British Isles without coffee. It was around this time that people started drinking best chicory coffee as a blend in with coffee, in some cases completely replacing it entirely. What was used as a medicinal herb was now being drunk as a full-time drink? It had different effects on the body when compared to coffee. First off, it is not a stimulant.

Coffee has caffeine in it, which makes people wake up and keeps them going for some time. Chicory, on the other hand, does not have any caffeine in it but tastes pretty much the same as coffee. It was also relatively cheap to process and grow. It became all the rage at that point in time till people regained their access to actual coffee, but by then tastes had changed and people actually started to blend them together to great effect.

Chicory Coffee Benefits for Health

Chicory is a good choice as a coffee substitute not only because of its near coffee taste and smell but also because it has a number of health benefits that coffee just does not have. Apart from it being a lot less expensive than coffee, it has a number of compounds that make it perfect as a morning drink. By drinking it, enjoy chicory coffee benefits for health.

The main active ingredient of Chicory is inulin. It is also known to have tonic effects and it is anti-parasitic. Inulin is a compound that is a type of prebiotic, soluble carbohydrate. It is used during weight-loss regimes, encourages the growth of probiotic microorganisms and is known to keep intestinal tracts healthy. Inulin is a fairly strong compound and taking too much of it can cause a lot of abdominal discomforts. Chicory is one of the richest natural sources of inulin. In fact, industrial inulin extraction is done from chicory roots. The process of chicory preparation in itself, the drying and roasting remove most of the inulin. The roasting process turns it into a sugar compound. The roasting process also gets rid of most of the bitter taste.

Chicory has a mellowing effect on the drinker. Unlike coffee which perks you up, when blended perfectly, it can make a perfectly delicious cup of coffee that doesn’t give you that coffee high by countering it. People should use it to get chicory coffee benefits.

How to brew chicory 

Chicory is a coffee substitute in every way. If you are thinking of replacing coffee entirely with chicory, it can be brewed the same way you brew coffee. The same amount and the same instruments can be used. If you have a Keurig, replace the coffee powder in the reusable cups with chicory. People often make chicory coffee with a manual drip, a filter coffee maker, or a French press. The amount of water is also similar to coffee, which is about two spoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water.

What you have to know though is that chicory is a lot more soluble than coffee. That means a better, full-bodied flavor with less powder. While there are a number of recipes that you can use to brew chicory, it is down to your personal tastes and preferences. Make it like you would your morning coffee and tweak it as you like it. Chicory is often mixed with milk to make the famous cafe au lait and to also balance its intense flavors.

So if you are considering including chicory in your every day, know that there are a number of advantages to it. It will taste better than a decaf, is healthier than regular coffee, it has a fuller flavor, and can be blended into regular coffee for interesting results. You should probably try out different combinations of various strengths before deciding on what you like.

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