• SUPERIOR QUALITY AND CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Certified USDA Organic Gelatinized Maca  Powder by CCOF. Non GMO and Gluten Free. No Preservatives, No fillers, No chemical additives.

  • EASIER TO DIGEST AND ABSORB NUTRIENTS: Our gelatinized Maca powder undergoes a ‘gelatinization’ process where the starch content is removed leaving the final product safe to use without causing any irritation to your stomach. This process results in a more concentrated, digestible and bio-available form than raw maca root.

  • SUPERB VERSATILITY – Our gelatinized Maca powder can use to enhance a variety of recipes including smoothies, baked goods as well as savory items. This delectable superfood will enhance the taste and flavor of any modern-day recipe while increasing the nutritional value of your meals.

Widely considered a superfood for its health benefits, Maca is a root that has cultivated in the Peruvian Andes for over 2000 years. Warriors and priests of the Incan empire consumed it. Because of its energizing effects and fertility raising effects on them. Gelatinized Maca powder is a well-known adaptogen like Ashwagandha. Adaptogens increase the body’s resistance and help it to react better when dealing with stress. Blue Lily Organics Gelatinized Maca powder is 100% natural and produces no negative side effects.