• Organic Haritaki powder, also known as Terminalia Chebula, uses in Ayurveda for millennia to strengthen, regenerate, and invigorate the entire body. It is one of the three fruits of the Ayurvedic formula.
  • Blue Lily Organics Haritaki powder carefully collected, dried, and ground to an extremely fine powder to facilitate mixing.
  • Boil Haritaki and use the liquid as a mouth rinse for various dental problems. Since Haritaki paste has amazing anti-inflammatory, it has also many medicinal properties. 
  • 100% pure, organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, salt-free no pesticides, chemicals or additives.

Organic Haritaki Powder:

Organic Haritaki powder is a highly-revered natural remedy with a vast range of medicinal properties.  In Ayurvedic Medicine, the ancient healing system of India, haritaki powder is one of the few herbs thought to balance all three doshas. Haritaki powder is also the most important component of the popular Ayurvedic blend Triphala. A renowned remedy that works for thousands of years.

Why Haritaki?

Blue Lily Organics Haritaki Powder forms by drying and grinding the small, nut-like fruit of the Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) tree, a deciduous tree native to southern Asia.

Known as the “King of Medicine” in Tibet, every part of the haritaki fruit possesses healing properties, from its tender pulp to its seeds and peel. It possesses five of the six tastes – lacking only saltiness.