VERSATILE CHOCOLATE FLAVOR: Cacao powder has a delicious chocolaty flavor that will be loved by all. Bake healthy, yet delicious brownies, cookies, chocolate cake, muffins, and more with high-quality cacao powder which is free from additives.

ORGANIC TOUCH: Raw cacao powder is made from the morsels of the hand-harvested cacao bean that is carefully milled into a fine powder. Without any adhesives, it has a pure natural taste and has a deep & intense chocolate flavor which is a great addition to your daily meals and desserts.

PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS: Nutrient-dense unsweetened cocoa powder is rich in magnesium and antioxidant flavanols and polyphenols, including anthocyanidin. Contains over 300 important compounds including protein, fiber, fat, certain B-vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and copper.

PREMIUM CRIOLLO BEANS: Organic cacao powder is made from the Highest Quality Criollo cacao beans from the valleys of Peru. Criollo beans are very rare and represent only 2% of the world’s production. Most sought-after cacao variety. Cacao is essentially the natural form of cocoa. Traditional cocoa powder is heavily treated with toxic pesticides, and chemicals, and roasted at high temperatures to get a sweeter taste before hitting our mouths owing to cacao being better than cocoa powder.

VERSATILE: Add this nutrient-filled superfood to your morning coffee or smoothie to kick start your day with immense health-improving benefits. Perfect for homemade baked goods such as cakes, cupcakes, frosting, granola bars, cereal, and dark chocolate treats for a richer taste. The possibilities are truly endless due to the vegan, fermented, unsweetened, gluten-free properties of our cacao powder.

What is Cacao?

The cacao plant is native to the Andes foothills of northern Peru, but from the West Indies to West Africa, and Indonesia is grown worldwide today in equatorial regions spanning.  The 100% Blue Lily Organics cocoa powder comes directly from the original source and is made from high-quality Peruvian cocoa beans. To make our 100% cocoa powder, the bean pods of the cocoa plant.

We carefully select the bean pods and harvest them from the cocoa plant. The cocoa beans and pulp are extracted from the pods and spread in the sun to allow the cocoa porridge to ferment, thereby exposing the cocoa beans. The beans (also called cacao beans or cocoa beans) are then ground into a cocoa paste.

The fat cocoa butter is removed by cold pressing from the pasta. The remaining solids comminuted again to produce a fine, highly concentrated organic cocoa powder.