How Yacon Syrup can help in weight management

 Yacon syrup tastes deliciously sweet. The product is an all natural one. This syrup reputedly contributes to health improvement in humans. The product is a boon in case you want to start a new diet and prefer a holistic solution. It assists to process calories efficiently. It is known to be extremely beneficial to health.

Defining Yacon syrup


The roots of Yacon plant provides Yacon syrup. The scientific name of the plant is Smallanthus sonchifolius. It’s natural growing region is the South American Andes mountains. Indigenous tribes of the region were aware of its medicinal properties for centuries. People living on the mountains believed that the plant has effective medicinal properties. It helped not only to alleviate conditions like diabetes but also worked to cure a number of digestive and kidney disorders.


The Yacon plant has an appearance similar to a sweet potato. The juice is extracted from the root of the plant. It is first filtered and then evaporated. The process resembles a maple syrup extracting system. It is a completely natural process. The product which comes out at the end is a sweet syrup. The consistency of the liquid is similar to molasses and has a dark color.


Yacon syrup gained fame when Dr. Mehmet Oz, a well known doctor, recommended it through a TV program. He termed it “metabolism game changer”. The doctor was quite emphatic about its benefits.


According to the good doctor, Yacon syrup is an excellent weight loss product as it acclerates the metabolic process in the human body. People who have a tough time when it comes to losing weight have only their metabolic rate to blame. Their metabolic rate is slower. Consumption of Yacon syrup makes a fat person’s metabolic rate similar to a naturally skinny individual. The rate of metabolism is speeded up. This is achieved without making any changes to a person’s lifestyle. Although Yacon syrup does wonders by itself, the loss of weight becomes way greater when an individual, in addition to consuming Yacon syrup, exercises on a regular basis and eat healthy food as well. It should also be mentioned that the syrup is effective independent of the food eaten and the calories burned as part of daily activities.


Other than Dr. Mehmet Oz, the benefits of Yacon syrup have been supported by a few physicians as well. Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D has said that the effectiveness of the syrup in weight loss is probably due to its power to suppress the production of hormones which trigger hunger. It supposedly also increases the production of those hormones which makes you feel extremely full, and thus you do not feel the need for eating.


Yacon syrup, in addition to weight loss, can also help to lower the blood glucose. Insulin resistance is also reduced.  It is suggested that the syrup be used as a kind of sugar substitute-particularly for those suffering from diabetes. Do remember that since it has simple sugars, it is important for those taking the product to monitor the blood glucose levels post syrup consumption.


Benefits of Yacon syrup


Followers of Dr. Oz know Yacon syrup primarily as a weight loss product. It is important to understand that the product is more than simply a weight loss inducing compound. It has a number of additional benefits.


  • Rich in fiber: Even though it is not apparent at first glance, Yacon syrup is saturated with dietary fiber. This offers a number of advantages. High fiber diets are ideal for individuals who suffer from irregular or painful bowel movements and indigestion. It is also effective to alleviate other forms of many digestive distresses. A fiber rich diet keeps the body healthy. Taking Yacon syrup in correct dosage is thus extremely important.
  • Assists in lowering the blood sugar levels and cholesterol: Yacon syrup can be used as an alternate sweetener for sugar. This will not only satisfy your sweet craving but also helps to reduce the blood glucose levels. Yacon syrup has a number of beneficial properties which fight cholesterol when used regularly.
  • Rise in bone density: One of the many drawbacks of increasing age is bone loss. Even though people try to compensate with special milk products and calcium supplements, there will be an inevitable loss of bone density. Yacon syrup can go someways in helping bone fortification, specifically the spine. Thanks to this compound, degenerative conditions like scoliosis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can be delayed.
  • Improvement of the immune system: The immune system must be maintained properly as it is the body’s primary line of defense. As the immune system is compromised by poor nutrition and unhealthy habits, it is essential to undertake appropriate steps so that it can be fortified. Yacon syrup is known to shore up body defenses so that it can protect itself against a number of diseases.


Yacon syrup also increase the energy levels of the body. It helps individuals suffering from premature exhaustion or lethargy.